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The best market for the expansion of The LowTax Group is one where entrepreneurship is flourishing; small business owners need reliable tax advice and recognise that this is a professional service that they are prepared to pay for. As we can see below, there are currently record numbers of new businesses starting and each of these at some stage will need to turn their attention to accounting and taxation.

Our vision is that The LowTax Group has the potential for locally based offices throughout the UK, providing dedicated services to local clients.

The following statistics show the size of the market:

There are currently 4.91 million businesses in the UK (1)
62.6% are sole proprietorships (3.07M)
28.5% are limited companies (1.4M)
8.9% are partnerships (0.44M)

Of the 1.4M limited companies 38,000 were medium and large (more than 50 employees) which leaves the vast majority (1.36M) small companies which are our target market. In addition we are also able to help a large proportion of sole proprietorships.

According to a recent report written by Lord Young for the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, there are very encouraging signs within the economy which are very positive:

  • Record numbers of people are starting a business each year
  • The number of new businesses have remained remarkably resilient and at historically high levels (2)

In a separate marketing report looking specifically at the accountancy market in the UK, there are some findings from which The LowTax Group can take some encouragement:
Between 2010 and 2015, Keynote predicts the accountancy market will increase by 25% to reach a market value of £27.25bn. (3)

There are for the 2013-14 tax year an estimated 29.3M tax payers of which 4.61M are higher and additional tax rate payers. (4). Each of these higher and additional tax rate payers are more likely to benefit from and be able to afford our services.

The market potential for our Franchise Owners is very encouraging and indicators show that the number of businesses that will need to use the services of a small, friendly and local tax accountancy firm is growing all the time. The LowTax Group has the potential to become the most recognised, trusted brand in this sector.

Our vision is simple. We believe that The LowTax Group has the potential to expand with offices in towns and cities throughout the UK. A franchise framework for expansion will ensure more and more small businesses can experience the LowTax approach.

1. Department for Business Innovation and Skills statistical release 23/10/2013
2. A Report on Growing Micro Businesses Lord Young May 2013
3. Keynote: Accountancy Market Report 2012
4. HMRC Income Tax Liabilities Statistics 2010-11 to 2013-14 dated September 2013