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You will have questions. Set out below are some questions that you might be thinking about at this stage, with our short answers providing some initial insight.

Do I need to be a qualified accountant?
No, you will get all the help and support needed, but you will need to register with HMRC and pass their “Fit and proper person” test.

Do I have to prepare client’s statutory accounts?
No, this is outsourced to our sister company LowTax Limited, all we need from you are the client’s records. It is very important that you spend your time working “on” your business not “in” it, enabling you to spend more time getting and keeping high quality clients.

How will I find clients?
We use tried and tested lead generation techniques. We believe that “inbound” marketing where the client who is looking for accounting services finds you, is a much better method than the old fashioned “outbound” system where you are fishing for people who may not want to be caught! We feel strongly that it is in everyone’s best interests that your business grows and as such we do not charge you a penny for each lead generated. Instead, we apply the National Marketing Levy and your local marketing budget to good effect, and let you reap the rewards of that investment.

Do I need business experience?
Business management experience can be advantageous, although our comprehensive training programme has been designed to cover all aspects of operating your LowTax Group Franchise.

Will I have my own sole territory?
Yes, you will. Territories will be determined on geographical areas and business opportunities therein. We have used a market leading specialist territory mapping company, who have ensured that each territory is of similar value and capable of sustaining a profitable thriving franchise business.

Do I need to have a High Street shop front?
No. You need to have a professional working office and a meeting space, but we don’t insist on a shop front, for a couple of reasons: we don’t think it’s necessary to spend thousands of pounds fitting out a shop as the type of walk-in clients that this is likely to attract are not the type of businesses that would benefit from our ethos of minimising tax and helping clients to keep more of what they earn.

Can I employ my own team to do the accounting work?
Once your turnover exceeds £100,000, you can employ your own team members, but below that amount it is better to concentrate on building your business. We want you to be working on your business, not in it!!

What are the initial set up costs?
Detailed figures will be made available, but your investment for the initial set up costs may range from £25K to £35K depending on certain local costs and personal requirements. As is usual with Franchise operations, part of your investment can often be funded through the high street banks. Because of the success rate of Franchising and the credibility of accounting services, they are invariably keen to support this type of business.

What will be my earning potential?
The potential is substantial and will depend upon a number of factors, including your own enthusiasm and determination to succeed. Earning potential is something we would prefer to discuss with you face to face when we will make available detailed information for your consideration.

Will my business succeed?
It should be successful if you follow the system provided, but in business there are never guarantees of success.

However, there are certain things you can be sure of:

  • The LowTax Group business system works.
  • Based on experience gained to date the business has considerable potential.
  • There is a substantial supply of potential clients.
  • Those granted The LowTax Group Franchise will be individuals considered able to develop it successfully.
  • Because we have a vested interest in your success we will support you in every way.

You should remember though that a proven system and a ready supply of potential clients will not be enough without your total commitment and willingness to put in some hard work, especially in the early stages. Put all these things together and you will have a recipe for success!